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RCON is a common protocol used to communicate with and issue commands to your game server. RCON allows you to run any commands on your server once you have entered in the RCON password. This includes admin commands such as adding bots to your game and changing map settings.

To begin, you will need to add an RCON password to your Counter-Strike: GO Server.

Adding an RCON Password to your Counter-Strike: GO Server

  1. Go on your CS:GO server's control panel.

  2. On your control panel, click FTP File Access to enter your server's FTP.

  3. In your server's FTP, go to the location: /csgo/csgo/cfg/

  4. At this location, press New File at the top of your FTP and create a file named "server.cfg".

  5. In the server.cfg file, add the following line:
    rcon_password "your_password"

  6. Replace your_password with your own password.

  7. Once done, click Create to create that file.

  8. Now, press Back to Control Panel to exit your FTP and then press Restart to restart your server and enable the RCON password.

Once your server is online, you will have successfully added an RCON password to your Counter-Strike: GO server!

Enabling and Using RCON on your Counter-Strike: GO Server

  1. Join your Counter-Strike: GO server.

  2. Once you're on your server, open the in-game developer console by pressing the tilde(~) key.

    a. If the in-game developer console does not appear, ensure that is enabled by going to the menu of CS:GO.
    b. Click Help and Options and then Game Settings.
    c. In the Game Settings, locate the Enable Developer Console setting and set this to Yes.

  3. Once you're in the in-game developer console, type this command to set your rcon_address:
    rcon_address <server IP address>
    Example: rcon_address 111.222.33:22333

  4. Once your rcon_address has been set, enter your server's rcon_password using this command:
    rcon_password <your_password>
    Example: rcon_password mcph123

  5. You are now connected to your server's RCON. You can confirm this by typing the command:
    rcon status


Now that you're connected to your Counter-Strike: GO server's RCON, you can enter commands by using the command rcon <command>. You can find all of the RCON console commands you can run here.

For example, you would be able to add 6 bots to your CS:GO server through this command:

rcon bot_quota 6

Experiencing issues enabling and using RCON on your Counter-Strike: GO server? Contact MCProHosting's Live Chat between the hours of 12PM to 9PM EST or submit a ticket to our support team and we can help you!

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