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CS:GO servers support the ability to add custom maps! Custom maps can bring new experiences and diversity to your game, for a shootout experience!

CS:GO Custom Maps have a size limit of 16MB unless you use FastDL! You can learn more about FastDL here.

Uploading a Custom CS:GO Map

  1. Locate and download the custom map you wish to upload.
    Here are two websites that offer custom CS:GO maps:

    A map download will always include at least a .bsp and .jpg file. As an example, we will be uploading the map CS_Sklad_Top-X found here.

    WinRAR may be needed for unpacking and accessing the files from a map download.

  2. If the map file downloads as a .zip or .rar file, move this file to an empty folder on your computer, right-click that file, and then press Extract Here. This will extract the map files into the empty folder.

    For the CS_Sklad_Top-X map, the .bsp and .jpg map files are stored within the folder maps in the .zip file.

  3. Minimize that folder and log in to your server's FTP using an FTP client such as FileZilla.

  4. In your server's FTP files, go to the location /csgo/csgo/maps/ and upload the .bsp and .jpg file map files there.

    1. If there are any other files such as a resource folder containing resources for the map, go to the area /csgo/csgo/ in your FTP and upload those folders.

  5. Now in your FTP go back to the location /csgo/csgo/. In this location, locate the mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt files.

  6. Edit these files and add the name(s) of the map(s) you uploaded to these files.

  7. For the CS_Sklad_Top-X map, that map's name is:

  8. Once the map name(s) have been to these files, press Save to save those changes.

  9. Go back to your control panel and press Restart to load these map changes.

You have now successfully uploaded a CS:GO custom map to your server and that map will now load in your map cycle!

Experiencing issues uploading a custom map? You can contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket to our General Support department.

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