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The RPG Plugin Pack is a set of plugins exclusively set up and curated by MCProHosting to include abilities, skills, NPC support, quest support, custom mobs, and more!


  • Adds custom skills and mobs.
  • Support for NPCs and quests.
  • Support for holograms and custom placeholders.
  • Many custom commands including homes, /spawn, /tpa, /back, custom chat formatting, and more.
  • Admin world protections.
  • Five(5) fully custom groups designed specifically for this plugin pack.
  • Anti-lag. (automatically clears dropped items after 5 minutes)
  • Advanced world editing tools.


/sethome, /delhome, /home, /spawn, /sell, /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /msg, /r, /help, /rules, /list, /top, /warp, Essentials Signs

All default permissions, /kit, /heal, /hat, /firework, /back, /afk, /me, /ignore, /repair, /recipe, /nick, /feed, /skull, /realname

Moderator and Admin:
All default and VIP permissions plus permissions assigned to each specific group to help moderator and manage players on the server.

All permissions.

Getting started:

The RPG pack includes everything needed to setup the perfect RPG server.

Players can also accept quests and complete them for rewards. By default, there are four quests on the server. A player can see all of the quests with the /quests list command and then players can join a quest using the command /quests take <quest name>. Further quests can be setup by Admins and the Owner by using Quest's wiki here.

Essentials signs have been enabled by default to allow for the creation of buy and sell shops which can be setup using this wiki page. Essentials sign shops can be used to allow players to buy, sell, and even trade items!


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