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Skyfactory 4 is a modpack that supports many different generators and level types, allowing you to customize your Skyfactory 4 experience in many ways. Below, we will include every generator and level type.
generator-settings level-type
Amplified {"Topography-Preset":"Amplified"} amplified
Are You Afraid of the Dark {"Topography-Preset":"Are You Afraid of the Dark"} default
Bedrock Your World
{"Topography-Preset":"Bedrock Your World"}
Between Bedrock and a Hard Place {"Topography-Preset":"Between Bedrock and a Hard Place"}
Cobbled Together {"Topography-Preset":"Cobbled Together"} default
Chill Out {"Topography-Preset":"Chill Out"}
Chunk Norris {"Topography-Preset":"Chunk Norris"} default
Compactsky (16 machines) {"Topography-Preset":"Compactsky","schema":"test002","givePSD":false,"size":"SMALL"}
Compactsky (64 machines) {"Topography-Preset":"Compactsky","schema":"test002","givePSD":false,"size":"MEDIUM"}
Compactsky (256 machines)
default {"Topography-Preset":"default"} default
Ender the Sea {"Topography-Preset":"Ender the Sea"} default
{"Topography-Preset":"Flat"} flat
Hardcore {"Topography-Preset":"Hardcore"} default
Hot Topic {"Topography-Preset":"Hot Topic"} default
LargeBiomes  {"Topography-Preset":"LargeBiomes"} largeBiomes
LargeBiomes (LC)  {"Topography preset":"Lost Cities"} lost cities
Lava Factory {"Topography-Preset":"Lava Factory"} default
Lava Cake {"Topography-Preset":"Lava Cake"} default
Lights Out! {"Topography-Preset":"Lights Out!"} default
Minesweeper  {"Topography-Preset":"Minesweeper"} default
Material Girl in a Material World {"Topography-Preset":"Material Girl in a Material World"} default
ObservaTree {"Topography-Preset":"ObservaTree"} default
Peace Out {"Topography-Preset":"Peace Out"} default
Project TrEe {"Topography-Preset":"Project trEe"} default
Rock Bottom {"Topography-Preset":"Rock Bottom"} default
Resonant Sleeper {"Topography-Preset":"Resonant Sleeper"} default
Skygrid  {"Topography-Preset":"SkyGrid"} Skygrid
SkyFactory 4 Classic {"Topography-Preset":"Sky Factory 4"} default
SkyFactory Tutorial {"Topography-Preset":"SkyFactory Tutorial"} default
Stone Factory  {"Topography-Preset":"Stone Factory"} default
Sky Village {"Topography-Preset":"Sky Village"} default
Sea World {"Topography-Preset":"Sea World"} default
Sticky Situation {"Topography-Preset":"Sticky Situation"} default
Sludgehammer {"Topography-Preset":"Sludgehammer"} default
Seven Seas {"Topography-Preset":"Seven Seas"} default
Skiiiilands {"Topography-Preset":"Skiiiilands"} default
The Floor is Lava  {"Topography-Preset":"The Floor is Lava"} default

You can set these in your Minecraft Server Settings( file like this:
1. Go on your server's control panel.
2. On the left side, click "FTP File Access".
3. In your server's FTP, locate the "" file. Click to edit this file.
4. In the "" file, locate the "generator-settings" and "level-type" settings.
5. In these settings, if for example you wanted to run "Chunk Norris" on your Skyfactory 4 server, you'd set those to:

6. After making changes, click "Save File" and exit your FTP.
7. You will now need to generate a brand new world, or reset your current world. We would recommend taking a backup before doing this.
8. Once done, restart your server to generate the new world with those generator-settings and level-type.
You have now successfully modified the generator-settings and level-type for your Skyfactory 4 server!

Need assistance changing the generator-settings and level-type on your server? You can contact our Live Chat team or submit a ticket for help!

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