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Dynmap is a plugin that allows you to set up a web-browser map of your server's worlds which players can use as a map to traverse your server, find in-game landmarks, see player locations and more!

To setup Dynmap on your server:

1. Ensure the Dynmap plugin is installed by using either the manual plugin installation guide or using SpiGet.

2. Once Dynmap is installed, fully start your server and then stop your server.

3. Once done, using the "Firewall and Port Management" guide, add Dynmap to this by clicking the "Dynmap" button.

This will assign the port 8123 for Dynmap to use. Save the "Source Port" for that assigned port in a safe place for the final step.

In this example, the "Source Port" is 40997.

4. After setting that up, go back to your control panel and then click "File Access".

5. In your server's FTP, go to the location: /plugins/Dynmap/configuration.txt
Click to edit the "configuration.txt" file.

6. In the "configuration.txt" file, locate the "deftemplatesuffix: hires" setting at line 16. Set this to "vlowres".
As Dynmap can create large maps, changing this ensures your map falls within the acceptable use policy within our ToS here.

7. Next, in that same file scroll down to line 315 to the "webserver-bindaddress" and "webserver-port" settings.

Remove the # before the "webserver-bindaddress" setting and then set this to "". 
Set "webserver-port" to the "Destination Port" setup on step 3, which in most cases will be 8123

8. After making that change, click "Save" to save those file changes.

9. Proceed to exit your server's FTP and then start your server.

10. Once your server is online, you can begin rendering the chunk tiles in your world for the Dynmap. A small/medium sized worldborder is highly recommended before beginning the render. During the render, significant lag will occur. We advise doing this only during a time when players will not be online for several hours. Depending on your world's render size, it may take anywhere from an hour to a day to complete the render.
To start the render, type this command into your server's console: dynmap fullrender WORLDNAME

Replace WORLDNAME with the name of the world you wish to render for Dynmap.

Please note if you have a WORLDNAME with spaces in WORLD NAME, you would need to enter the command with quotations as "WORLD NAME"

11. You can now connect to your web-browser Dynmap! To do that, in a web-browser put your IP address without the port, followed by a colon(:), and then the "Source Port" setup on step 3.
As an example:

You have now successfully setup Dynmap on your MCProHosting server!

Experiencing issues setting up Dynmap? Contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket for help!

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