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Votifier is a plugin which allows you to setup voting on your server in order to reward players for up-voting your server on server listing websites. Websites such as PlanetMinecraft support such features.

To setup Votifier on your server:

1. Ensure the Votifier or NuVotifier plugin is installed by using either the manual plugin installation guide or using SpiGet.

Also, ensure you have a vote listener installed. A vote listener is used for listening to when a vote happens and then rewarding players for that vote. SuperbVote is a great example of a vote listener.

2. Once Votifier/NuVotifier and a vote listener are installed, fully start your server and then stop your server.

3. Once done, using the"Firewall and Port Management" guide, add Votifier or NuVotifier to this by clicking the "Votifier" or "NuVotifier" button.

This will assign the port 8192 for Votifier/NuVotifier to use. Save the "Source Port" for that assigned port in a safe place for the final step.

In this example, the "Source Port" is 52539.

4. After setting that up, Votifier/NuVotifier will now be set up and ready to go on your server!

You can go into the configuration files for your vote listener to edit the rewards and messages players will get for voting.

5. You can now add your Votifier/NuVotifier information to your voting websites! Locate the "Votifier" section of your server on the voting website of your choice and insert your server's IP address without the port as the "Address" setting, the "Source Port" from step 3 into the "Port" setting, and the public.key(this can be found here in your FTP: /plugins/Votifier/RSA/public.key) into "Votifier Public Key". To open the public.key file, download this file and using a program such as Notepad open this file.

6. Save those Votifier settings on your voting website and now voting will work properly!


Experiencing issues setting up Votifier/NuVotifier? You can contact our Live Chat or submit a ticket for help!

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