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World seeds allow for having different generation on the server based on the seed. There are also unique seeds you can use which we will include below!

To change your Terraria world's world seed:

1. Go on your server's control panel and stop your server.

2. Once your server is offline, locate the Quick Options section.

3. Under Quick Options, locate the Seed option.

4. Set this seed option to the world seed you wish to use.

5. After changing this, in the World Name option set this to the name of a world you have not yet created. This ensures a new world generates with that new seed.

6. After doing this, click Save Options to save those changes.

7. Start your server and your server will now generate a new world using that world seed.

You have now successfully changed the world seed on your Terraria server!

Secret World Seeds:

Drunk World: 05162020 or 5162020
A unique seed that implements a strange and unique "Drunk World" full of odd and fun additions!

Not the bees: not the bees or not the bees!
A seed that references a meme from "The Wicker Man" film remake, this generates a world FULL of bees!

For the worthy: for the worthy
A special world seed that works to greatly increase the difficulty of the Terraria game.

Need assistance changing your Terraria server's world seed? Submit a ticket to General Support and we can help!

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