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Valheim servers allow you to edit several settings and files on a server! These files include valheim.properties, adminlist.txt, bannedlist.txt, and permittedlist.txt.

To edit your main server settings:

1. Go on your Valheim server's control panel. 

2. Under Quick Options, edit the options listed there. These options include the World Name, Server Name, and Server Password.

3. After making these changes, click Save Quick Options and then restart your server.

You can also edit the adminlist.txt, bannedlist.txt, and permittedlist.txt files if you wish to add admins, ban players, or permitted players.

These files can be found within your FTP at the location: /valheim/save/

When editing these files, add the player ID of the users you wish to give admin, ban, and permit on the server one line at a time like this:

After making any changes, click Save & Close and then restart your Valheim server.

To get a player's ID:

1. Join your Valheim server.

2. Press F2 and under the Players box, you will find the ID of each player in front of their name.
These are the player IDs you would add to the files above.

Need assistance changing your Valheim server settings? Contact our support team for help!

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