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Connecting Through Steam:

1. Log in to Steam on your computer/desktop.

2. Once on Steam, at the top click View and then Servers.

3. In the Servers area, click the Favorites tab.

4. In the Favorites tab, click Add A Server.

5. Enter the IP address of your Valhiem server. For this address, you must make the port +1 of your normal port. 

For example, if your IP address is you would need to input on Steam as the IP address.

6. Click Find Games at this Address to make sure the server is responding.

7. Click Add This Address to Favorites.


Connecting In-Game Directly:

1. Load your Valheim game on your PC.

2. Once in-game, click Start Game.

3. Select Start on your character.

4. Then select the Join Game tab.

5. Finally click Join IP and input the regular IP address of your server.

For example, if your IP address is you would put exactly that.

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