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How to Setup a Scoreboard with Plugins Print

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Scoreboards are great for tracking stats, progression, and even things like server performance in a way where everyone can easily see it. 

SimpleScore - a custom scoreboard plugin

To accomplish setting up SimpleScore, begin by installing SimpleScore to your server. You can follow this guide to install SimpleScore.

Recommended Extra Plugins:
PlaceholderAPI - adds support for many different placeholders.
ProtocolLib - adds support for hex colors and unlimited characters per line.
WorldGuard(requires WorldEdit) - adds per region scoreboards.

This plugin offers:
◦ The ability to create simple and advanced scoreboards.
◦ Animated scoreboards.
◦ Per world and per region(with WorldGuard) scoreboards.
◦ A lot of placeholders with PlaceholderAPI including custom placeholders.
◦ No flickering and the ability to edit the custom plugin messages.


Overview: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/simplescore.23243/

Creating the Scoreboard and Assigning a Title

This plugin allows for creating multiple scoreboards in the config.yml file for SimpleScore. To start, we can create a new scoreboard like this:

     - "&7&LYour&6&lServer"

In this case, "example" is the name of a newly created scoreboard with the title "&7&LYour&6&lServer".

Adding Contents to the Scoreboard

It's time to add the contents, also known as the "Scores", to your scoreboard. These are what you want your scoreboard to display and can include things like the player name, online players, the world name they're in, and much more using the placeholders from PlaceHolderAPI.

       - "&7&m+----------------+"
        - "&7&m------------------"
       - "&7» &6&lPlayer"
       - "    &7%player%"
       - ""
       - "&7» &6&lHealth"
       - "    %hearts%"
       - ""
       - "&7» &6&lOnline Players"
       - "    &7%online% &6players"
       - "&7&m+----------------+"

For the content/Scores, you can even add animated and alternating sections like this:

        - text: "&7This will last for &810 seconds"
          time: 200
        - text: "&7while this only lasts for &85 seconds"
          time: 100

Assigning Scoreboards to Worlds

The last step is assigning what scoreboards will work in certain worlds. 

 # World names are case-insensitive
  world: [ "example" ]
  # This will match all worlds starting with "world_" (e.g. world_nether, world_the_end)
  world_\w*: [ "custom_time" ]
  # If player doesn't have permission to see the restricted scoreboard then it will display the example
  multiple: [ "restricted", "example" ]

After assigning those, save and then restart your server to load those changes.
That scoreboard will now load on startup and will display in the specific worlds/regions assigned.

Need assistance with SimpleScore? You can contact our ticket support team here for help!

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