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Creating a new world allows for starting fresh and gives you the ability to customize the world before it is created.

Creating a New World:

We will begin by changing the options for the new world you will be creating.

  1. Go on your 7 Days to Die server's control panel. 
  2. On your server's control panel, on the left-side click FTP File Access to enter your server's FTP.
  3. In your server's FTP, edit the serverconfig.xml file at this location: /7d2d/serverconfig.xml/
  4. In this file, scroll down until you see <!-- GAMEPLAY --> and <!-- World --> under that. Those are your world options.
  5. You can edit the following world options:
    1. GameWorld - this can either be "Navezgane" or "RWG". "Navezgane" is the main story map. "RWG" is a randomly generated world.
    2. WorldGenSeed - this sets the seed for the generation of the new world.
    3. WorldGenSize - this sets the world size of a "RWG" world. Must be set between 2048 and 16384.
    4. GameMode - recommended to not change.
  6. The option "GameName" is the last world option. This determines the world's save file name. To generate a new world, this will need to be set to the name of a world that isn't already on the server. For example, setting that to "MCProHosting" would generate a brand new map save under the name "MCProHosting".
  7. Finally, save and then restart your server. Upon startup, the server will generate a new world save using those settings and the name set.

If you experience any issues with creating a new world, please contact our support team for help!

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