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Don't Starve Together supports the ability to add admins to your server. To begin, you will need to gather the user IDs of the players you wish to make Admins on your server.

Gathering The User IDs:

All players you wish to give Admin to will need to grab their user ID and give that to you.

  1. Those players will need to start Steam, enter their Library, and then start Don't Starve Together.
  2. Once Don't Starve Together is online, click the Account icon.

    This will open a Steam overlay window with your User Info.
  3. The player will need their Klei User ID found in the image above. The User ID will appear as "KU_<ID>".
  4. Write down and save each of these User IDs for the next step.

Adding Admins to the Server:

  1. Go on your server's control panel and on the left-side click FTP File Access to open the server's FTP.
  2. In the server FTP, go to the location: /dont_starve_together/dstserver_config/Cluster_1/Master/
  3. In that location, click New File and create a new file named adminlist.txt.
  4. In this file, you will want to add each player's Klei User ID, one per line. Here is an example:
  5. After making those changes, save and then restart your server.

The server will now come online and those players will be given admin access to the Don't Starve Together server.

Experiencing issues adding an admin? Contact our support team for assistance!

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