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Terraria supports mods that add endless new options to the game experience. Anything from new weapons, classes, and items to biomes, funiture, and so much more!

How to Install Mods on Your PC (client-side)

Modding Terraria is conveniently supported directly on steam via a second custom instance called tModLoader!

  1. Start by opening the Steam app and going to your Library.
  2. You can use the search function on the top left fo find "tModLoader".
  3. Install this if you have not already and select Play
    • Your vanilla characters and worlds will not be accessed by this instance and are safe from mods corrupting or breaking them!
  4. The menu should now show the tModLoader logo and have the option "Mod Browser". Opening this menu will provide a list of all the mods available for Terraria!
  5. Download the mods you wish to install with the green down arrow button.
  6. Once all your mods are downloaded, select the "Back" button at the bottom.
  7. In the main menu select the "Mods" Button to view your mods.
  8. Click the "Disabled" text on the mod to enable it, and then the "Reload Mods" button to finish.
  9. Your mods are now installed, start a new world and character to begin!

How to Install Mods on Your Server (server-side)

After following the above client-side installation guide for mods, you are ready to install these mods on your server.

  1. Start by opening your file browser.
  2. Proceed to the following directory and replace "<UserName>" with the PC user name: 
    • C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader
  3. In your ModLoader directory right-click the Mods folder. Select "Sent to" and then "Compressed (zipped) Folder".
  4. Keep that .zip file safe and now, login to your Terraria server's control panel.
  5. On the control panel, click Server Type.
  6. Using the right-most search option find tModLoader, select "Install Selected".
    • We suggest you both backup your server in advance and clear all files to start fresh on tModLoader.
  7. When returned to the dashboard, click FTP File Access to enter the server's FTP.
  8. In the FTP, enter the .local > Terraria > tModLoader folder and then click Upload File(s) at the top.
  9. Upload that file.
  10. Once that is fully uploaded, select that file and then click Unzip at the top of the FTP.
  11. If you are using tModLoader 1.4, then after the unzipping has finished, please go into the Mods folder and move the enabled.json file into the ModPacks folder, which is inside the Mods folder. If it isn't there, just create it!
  12. After that, exit the FTP and then restart the server.

The server will now start with the mods installed and you can now begin playing on your server! 

Important: Players will need to install the same mods on their client-side as the server in order for them to join and play.

Need help with Terraria mods? Please contact our support team for help!

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