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To Join Your Server Via The Panel:

  1. Go to your sever's OCC panel.
  2. Use the green "Join Server" button in the middle center.
  3. Follow the prompts till you are connected to the server!

To Join Your Server Manually with the IP & Port:

  1. Go to your sever's OCC panel.
  2. Find the "Server Dashboard" box in the middle center.

  3. Find the IP and Port under "Server Address".
  4. Next, in the Unturned main menu, use the "Play" button and select "Connect".

  5. Input your IP, Port, and password if your server has one.
  6. Use the next 'Connect' button.
  7. Your server should now appear with its details, you can use the lower left-hand "Join" button to finally join your server!

Need any assistance or run into any issues? Submit a ticket to our General Support department and we can help!

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