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How to Add a Second Account to Your Client Area Print

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You are able to add additional users to your Billing client area. These additional users can then have permissions set to be able to pay invoices, access tickets, and other Billing areas.

Before giving a user access to your Billing client area, ensure that you can fully trust the person(s) being added. MCProHosting is not responsible for any damages or account changes performed without permission due to an additional user being added.

To Add Additional Users to Your Billing Client Area:

  1. To begin, have each additional user register a Billing client account here.
  2. Next, log into your Billing client area here.
  3. Once logged in, at the top-right click Hello, <yourname>! and then click User Management.

  4. In the Billing client area, go under Invite New User. Input the user's email address there and after, you can then set permissions. 

    1. You can keep All Permissions selected to give a user all of the same permissions as your main account.
    2. You can select Choose Permissions which allows you to select individual permissions for a user.

  5. After inputting that email address and selecting the appropriate permissions, click Send Invite to send the invite.
  6. Lastly, that user will need to go to their email and accept the invite.

That user will now be added to your Billing client area!

Need assistance with adding a user to your Billing client area? You can contact our support team for help!

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