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ARK Survival Evolved supports many events every year. Using this guide, you can change the event on your server and play that event as long as it is active!

To set the event of an ARK server:

1. Go on the server's control panel.

2. On your control panel, click FTP File Access.

3. In your server's FTP, locate the file and click to edit this file.

4. In this file, locate the active_event option. Set the active_event option to the event you wish to run. (These include: Easter, Arkaeology, ExtinctionChronicles, WinterWonderland, vday, Summer, FearEvolved, TurkeyTrial, birthday, or None(which disables active events)). The event that you select must be active for that event to work on your server.

5. After setting that event click Save & Close, exit your server's FTP, and then restart the server.

That event will now load on your server as long as it is active for ARK!


ARK: New Years's - New Years Day

ARK: Love Evolved - In February

ARK: Eggcellent Adventure - In April

ARK: Summer Bash - June to July

ARK: Fear Evolved - October to November

ARK: Turkey Trial - November to December

ARK: Winter Wonderland - December to January

ARK may host further events not listed here. You can find all events here. MCProHosting offers the ability to play on all events! If you cannot select one of these events, please inform our support team for assistance!

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