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Rust:IO is an extension to the popular uMod (formerly known as Oxide), and adds a fully interactive browser live map of your Rust world! This map allows you to see player locations, monuments, buildings, and more. If you're familiar with the plugin Dynmap for Minecraft servers, this is a similar plugin!

To add Rust:IO to your Rust server:

1. Log into your server's control panel.

2. Start by ensuring that Rust Oxide is installed by following this guide.
Verify that Oxide has fully installed and generated files within your server's FTP File Access.

With Oxide installed, you're now ready to add Rust:IO!

3. Download the latest version of Rust:IO by clicking this link:

This will download a file named Oxide.Ext.RustIO.dll. Save this file at a safe location on your PC.

4. Enter your server's FTP File Access now and go to the location: /rust/RustDedicated_Data/Managed

5. In this location in your FTP File Access, click Upload File and then locate and upload the file Oxide.Ext.RustIO.dll.
Allow this file to fully upload.

6. Once finished, exit your server's FTP and then restart your server. 

7. Rust:IO will load on startup, and you'll now be able to connect to your Rust:IO interactive browser map by typing your IP address with the port into your web browser like this:

8. Once loaded, your map will appear on the website like this:

9. You have now successfully installed Rust:IO on your Rust server!

Need to edit the configuration settings for Rust:IO all of the settings are listed on the Rust:IO Manual here!

Rust will generate a configuration file for Rust:IO at this location in your FTP: /rust/Oxide/config/RustIO.json

Need assistance editing Rust:IO or getting that installed? Submit a ticket to our General Support department and we can help!

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