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How to set up your subdomain. 

Setting up your subdomain is relatively simple, but may take up to 24 hours for it to be operational. But during that time you can still connect with your numerical IP. If you are unsure what your numerical IP is, please submit a ticket to our general support department.

Start by logging onto your OneControlCenter panel here.

1. On your OneControlCenter panel there is a menu on the left. 

2. Click on the word "Subdomain".

3. In the first box, type in the subdomain you wish to have. Please use only lowercase letters. Special characters like _ and ? are not allowed. 
For example, your server's name is "MCPVP". You can choose to have MCPVP as your subdomain by putting MCPVP in the "myserver" field. 

4. Select the core domain you would like. You can only choose from "", "", and "". 

5. Click "Save"

Congratulations! You've now set up your subdomain! If you have any issues with it, please submit a ticket to our support team.

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