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Your server supports three different types of server addresses. "IP with Port", "IP without Port", and "Subdomain". Below, we will explain the differences between the three and how you can utilize those on your server. 


IP with Port:
This is a regular server IP address which includes a port used to connect to your server.

IP without Port:
This is a "Dedicated IP" address, including the port 25565, allowing players to connect without needing to include the port. This is useful when setting up a domain with your server. To purchase a Dedicated IP for your server, submit a ticket to Billing with your request.

This is an extra server address you can utilize with your regular server IP address. Players can use the subdomain to directly connect to your server. MCProHosting supports the subdomains: mcph.co, mcph.eu, mcpro.eu, mcpro.co, and mc.gg. You can set up a subdomain with your server using this guide.

For subdomains, your game server must support an SRV record in order to support a subdomain.
Experiencing issues utilizing one of these server address methods? Submit a ticket or contact our Live Chat team and we can help you!

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