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This guide will walk you through the steps to easily locate and access your new game server. Some games such as Ark or Rust have an integrated server search function that might not display your server immediately. To fix this, you can use the Steam Browser directly from the steam client to add and locate your server(s). 

To connect to your server using Steam:

1. Log in to Steam on your computer/desktop.

2. Once on Steam, at the top click View and then Servers.

3. In the Servers area, click the Favorites tab.

4. In the Favorites tab, click Add A Server.

5. Enter the IP address of your desired server.

6. Click Find Games at this Address to make sure the server is responding.

7. Click Add This Address to Favorites.

If your server is not shown on the list, please verify it is currently started/online. 

It is worth noting that the Steam server browser does not work with the following games, but you can direct connect to your IP address from the game itself:

- Starbound
- Terraria


Experiencing issues finding your Rust server? You can submit a ticket or contact our Live Chat team for help!

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