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Are you interested in running mods on your ARK server? Then you are in the right place! ARK mods can add new creatures, new features, and much more! You can add mods to your ARK server both manually and automatically using MCProHosting's "ARK Mod Manager" tool! 

Adding Mods to your ARK Server Manually

Locating Steam Workshop Mods for ARK:
The Steam Workshop for ARK can be found here:

When you have found a mod that you would like to use, take note of the URL of the mod's description page.
This is an example URL:

In this case, the mod ID will be 632898827.

Save the mod ID of each mod you would like to add to your server.

Adding Steam Workshop Mods to your ARK Server:

1. Log in to your server control panel.

2. On your server's control panel, click FTP File Access.

3. In the FTP File Access, go to the location /ark/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/ and in this folder locate the GameUserSettings.ini file.

4. Edit the GameUserSettings.ini file and in this file, locate the ActiveMods= setting. In the ActiveMods= setting enter the IDs of the mods you would like to use, separated by commas. In this case, we would enter just the number 632898827. For adding multiple mods, if for example you were to use two mods and the other ID was 12345, you would enter 632898827,12345 in the ActiveMods= setting and continue in that format for any additional mods.


5. After making changes scroll down and click Save & Close. You may now restart the server and the mods you added will now load on start up!


Please note the following regarding ARK mods:

- Mods you have installed client-side will not work on the server if the server does not also have them installed.

- When connecting to the server, ARK will automatically download and install the mods that the server uses to your PC. No need to install them to your PC manually!

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