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Aberration is an expansion to ARK: Survival Evolved which adds a new ARK - "Aberration", to the game. An ARK server running Aberration includes new creatures, abilities, environments, and general gameplay overhauls.

MCProHosting allows all ARK servers to switch to and from the Aberration expansion at-will through our easy-to-use configuration options.


To switch your server over to Aberration, follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your control panel here

  2. Select your ARK server if you have more than one server under your account

  3. On the left-hand side bar, click Configuration Files

  4. Select ARK Main Server Configuration

  5. For the Map option, choose Aberration (Expansion Pack) from the dropdown

  6. Scroll down and click Save

  7. Restart your server


Notes on Mods: Some mods for ARK may not work properly while Aberration is set as the server's map. Proceed with caution when applying mods to your Aberration server. For any mods not working properly with Aberration, please contact the respective mod's author. MCProHosting cannot provide support for malfunctioning ARK mods.

Notes on Players: Aberration is not a free expansion / DLC (Downloadable Content). Only players who have purchased and installed the Aberration expansion will be able to view and log in to the server. Purchase of Aberration is not required to start an ARK server with MCProHosting.

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