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An ARK whitelist limits which players are able to join your server through an exclusive list.

This allows you to keep your server private for your friends and other players you choose.


To set up a whitelist on your ARK server, begin by enabling the whitelist.

You can enable the whitelist by following these steps:

  1. On your ARK server control panel, click "Configuration".

  2. In the "Configuration" area, click to edit the "ARK Main Server Settings" file.

  3. In your server settings, locate the "Whitelist" setting. Set this setting to "Enabled".

  4. Once done, click "Save", go back to your control panel, and click "Restart".

Once your server is back online, the whitelist on your server will now be enabled!

Now that your server's whitelist is enabled, it is now time to add players to that whitelist.

To add players to your whitelist, please do the following:

  1. On your server's control panel, enter your FTP by clicking "FTP File Access".

  2. In your server's FTP, go to this location:


  1. In the "Linux" folder, locate the file "PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt".

If you do not see this file, click "New File" and create a file named "PlayersExclusiveJoinList.txt".

Click to edit this file.

  1. Gather the Steam 64 IDs of all of the players you would like to add to your whitelist.

You can use SteamIO for locating a player's Steam 64 ID:

Example of a Steam 64 ID: 76561197991558078

  1. You will need to add each player's Steam 64 ID, one per line in the file, for each player you would like to add to the whitelist.

Here is an example of how those should be added:

  1. Once you have added each of those Steam 64 IDs, click "Save File" to save those changes!

  2. Click "Back to Control Panel" to exit your FTP and then click "Restart" on your control panel to restart your server.


You have now successfully enabled a whitelist on your ARK server and added players to your whitelist! Only those players who have been whitelisted will be able to join your server.

If you experience issues enabling the whitelist on your ARK server, submit a ticket to our General Support department for further assistance!

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