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Genesis is an ARK DLC adding a brand new map to ARK: Survival Evolved. This map brings new resources, items, creatures, and more! MCProHosting allows all ARK servers to switch to and from the Genesis DLC at-will through our easy-to-use configuration options.

To start an ARK: Survival Evolved server with the Genesis DLC/map:

1. Log in to your control panel here. (If you do not currently own an ARK server, you can purchase one here.)

2. On your control panel, on the left side click Configuration.

3. In the Configuration area, click to edit the ARK Main Server Settings file.

4. In this file, edit the Server Map option. Using the dropdown, select Genesis (DLC).

5. Once done, click Save to save those changes and then restart your server.

Your server will now properly load the new Genesis DLC and map! 

Important Notes:

— You must purchase and own the ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis DLC on Steam in order to play on a server with this DLC installed. Purchase of the ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis DLC is not required to purchase and own an MCProHosting server.

— Certain mods may not work properly while running the Genesis DLC/map. We recommend proceeding with caution when installing mods to a server running the Genesis DLC. For any mods not working on an ARK server running the Genesis DLC, we recommend reaching out to the ARK mod's respective creator to repair and update the mod. While MCProHosting can assist with mod installation, MCProHosting is unable to repair mod malfunctions that occur due to them being broken/outdated due to new DLC/expansions.

Need assistance setting up your ARK server? You can contact our LiveChat or submit a ticket for help!

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