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Modpacks You Can Install On Your Minecraft Server Print

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MCProHosting offers a Server Type installer, allowing for the installation of many different server types including Vanilla, many modpacks, standalone Forge/Fabric, and more. Here, you can find a public list of all of the modpacks MCProHosting currently offers! These modpacks can be installed using this guide!

Don't see a modpack you want on this list or need help installing a pack? Send a ticket to our Modpacks team and we can assist you with that installation! Non-server-compatible modpacks will require our Extended Modpack Support addon for $6.99 USD for a one-time setup to make the modpack server-compatible.

MCProHosting currently offers at least 200 different modpacks!
Request a modpack within LiveChat or through a ticket.

A Bit More of Everything ATLauncher
A Bit of Everything ATLauncher
Agrarian Skies 2 Curse/Overwolf
All of Fabric 3 Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 3 Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 3 Lite Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 3: Expert Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 3: Remix Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 4 Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 5 Curse/Overwolf
All the Mods 6 Curse/Overwolf
Amnesia ATLauncher
Amps Technic
Animals and Pets Curse/Overwolf
Antimatter Chemistry Curse/Overwolf
AstroBlock Curse/Overwolf
AstroBlock 2 - Lost in Space Curse/Overwolf
Attack of the B-Team Technic
Augmented Triad ATLauncher
Awakening - Sky of Diamonds Curse/Overwolf
Bevo's Tech Pack: Reborn ATLauncher
Big Dig Technic
Blightfall Technic
Block 19 ATLauncher
Blood N Bones FTB/Curse/Overwolf
Boundless Technic
Celestial Journey Curse/Overwolf
Chemical Exchange Curse/Overwolf
Colony: Classic Technic
Compact Claustrophobia Curse/Overwolf
Crackpack 3 Curse/Overwolf
Craft to Exile [Dissonance] Curse/Overwolf
Crafting Dead Technic
CrainerCraft 2 AtLauncher
Crash Landing Curse/Overwolf
Crazy Craft 4 [Official] Void's Wrath
Kooky Knack (renamed) Curse/Overwolf
Crazy Craft Remastered Curse/Overwolf
Crazy Minecraft Void's Wrath
CrazyCraft 3 Void's Wrath
CrundeeCraft ATLauncher
Decimation Curse/Overwolf
Dimension Zero Curse/Overwolf
DigSite Curse/Overwolf
Dragons Void's Wrath
Dungeons, Dragons, and Spaceshuttles Curse/Overwolf
Engineer's Life Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 2 Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 2: Expert Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 2: Expert Skyblock Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 2: Light Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 4 Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 5 Curse/Overwolf
Enigmatica 6 Curse/Overwolf
Exoria Curse/Overwolf
Farming Valley Curse/Overwolf
Farming Valley: Lite Curse/Overwolf
Foolcraft Curse/Overwolf
Foolcraft 3 Curse/Overwolf
Forever Stranded Curse/Overwolf
FTB Academy FTB
FTB Beyond FTB
FTB Builders Paradise FTB
FTB Departed FTB
FTB Continuum FTB
FTB Horizons III FTB
FTB Horizons: Daybreaker FTB
FTB Infinity Evolved FTB
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock FTB
FTB Interactions FTB
FTB Inventions FTB
FTB Lite 3 FTB
FTB Monster FTB
FTB Presents Cloud 9 FTB
FTB Presents: Direwolf20 1.10.2 FTB
FTB Presents: Direwolf20 1.12.2 FTB
FTB Presents: Direwolf20 1.7.10 FTB
FTB Presents: Hermit Pack FTB
FTB Presents: SkyFactory 4 FTB
FTB Presents: SkyFactory 3 FTB
FTB Presents: SkyFactory 2.5 FTB
FTB Presents SkyFactory 2 FTB
FTB Presents: Stoneblock 2 FTB
FTB Presents: Stoneblock FTB
FTB Pyramid Reborn 3.0 FTB
FTB Resurrection FTB
FTB Revelation FTB
FTB Sky Adventures FTB
FTB Sky Odyssey FTB
FTB Trident FTB
FTB Skyfactory Challenges FTB
FTB Ultimate FTB
FTB Ultimate Reloaded FTB
FTB University FTB
FTB Unleashed FTB
FTB Unstable 1.14.X FTB
FTB Unstable 1.16.X FTB
FTB Vanilla+ FTB
GT New Horizons Curse/Overwolf
Glacial Awakening Curse/Overwolf
Gregblock Curse/Overwolf
Hermitcraft Modsauce ATLauncher
Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 ATLauncher
Hexxit Technic
Hexxit Updated Curse/Overwolf
Hink's Create Pack Curse/Overwolf
HR: New Beginnings Curse/Overwolf
Infinity Evolved Reloaded Curse/Overwolf
Invasion Curse/Overwolf
Journey to the Core Curse/Overwolf
Journey Across The Void Curse/Overwolf
Jurassic Evolution Technic
Just Another Vanilla Upgraded Curse/Overwolf
Just Not Enough Mods 2 Curse/Overwolf
Kinda Crazy Craft Curse/Overwolf
(Kinetic) Boundless Technic
(Kinetic) Colony: Classic Technic
(Kinetic) Jurassic Evolution Technic
Kinetic: Infinity Technic
(Kinetic) Mythic Technic
(Kinetic) Mythic: Novus Technic
(Kinetic) WC: Tech Technic
Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack ATLauncher
Life in the Village Curse/Overwolf
Life in the Village 2 Curse/Overwolf
Levitated Curse/Overwolf
Life in the Industrial Village Curse/Overwolf
Lucky Block Challenge Curse/Overwolf
MC Eternal Curse/Overwolf
MC Eternal Lite Curse/Overwolf
MC: Craft For Life Edition Curse/Overwolf
MCProHosting Presents: Expanded Vanilla Curse/Overwolf
Mech & Magic ATLauncher
Mech & Magic Lite ATLauncher
Modded Network Technic
Modern Skyblock 3: Departed Technic
Movement Curse/Overwolf
Omni Factory Curse/Overwolf
Peace of Mind Curse/Overwolf
Pokehaan Craft Curse
Pokemon Adventure Curse/Overwolf
Pokemon Adventure: Reloaded Curse/Overwolf
Pixelmon Generations Pixelmon
Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmon
PixelmonCraft ATLauncher
Planetary Curse/Overwolf
Plundered Curse/Overwolf
Plunger Curse/Overwolf
Pokepack Void's Wrath
Project Ozone 3 Curse/Overwolf
Project Ozone 2: Reloaded Curse/Overwolf
Project Ozone Lite Curse/Overwolf
Q-Tech Curse/Overwolf
Questing Mayhem Curse/Overwolf
RAM - Really Awesome Mods Curse/Overwolf
Ragnamod V Curse/Overwolf
Rebirth of the Night Curse/Overwolf
Regrowth Curse/Overwolf
Resonant Rise Curse/Overwolf
Revenge of the C-Team ATLauncher
Ricochet Technic
RLCraft Curse/Overwolf
Roguelike Adventures & Dragons Curse/Overwolf
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Lite Curse/Overwolf
Scramble Craft VoidsWrath
SevTech: Ages Curse/Overwolf
Skyexchange Curse/Overwolf
SkyFactory 2 ATLauncher
SkyFactory 4 Curse/Overwolf
Space Astronomy Curse/Overwolf
Space Astronomy 2 Curse/Overwolf
Stoneblock Curse/Overwolf
Team Rustic - Magic, Adventure, and Tech! Curse/Overwolf
Tekkit Technic
Tekkit Classic Technic
Tekkit Classic Updated Technic
Tekkit Legends Technic
Tekxit 3 Technic
TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded Curse/Overwolf
The 1.12.2 Pack Curse/Overwolf
The 1.7.10 Pack Curse/Overwolf
The Crack Pack Curse/Overwolf
The Endless Frontier Curse/Overwolf

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