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Valheim supports mods, allowing you to add new and exciting features to your server.

To mod your Valheim server:

1. Go on your Valheim server's control panel and then click Server Type.

2. Using the Server Type installer, install the latest version of the Modded type. (this includes BepInEx)

3. You can now restart your server to ensure this loads correctly. 

4. Next, download any Valheim mods you wish to use and place them in an empty folder on your PC. If the mods require being unzipped, be sure to unzip those if possible.

5. Once done, enter your server's FTP and go to the location: valheim/BepInEx/Plugins/

6. After you're in this location, proceed to upload all of those mods to this folder. (if you're experiencing issues, we'd advise using an FTP client such as FileZilla for transferring the files)

7. Finally, after those mods are uploaded exit the FTP and then restart the server to load those mods.

The next step is to ensure your client-side has those same mods loaded to join the server.

To install mods to your Valheim client-side:

1. Start by downloading BepInEx, as this will need to be installed on your client-side. You can find the latest version by clicking Manual Download on this page:

2. Extract the BedInEx package to an empty folder on your PC.

3. Next, go to Steam and enter your game library. In there, locate and right-click Valheim.

4. After right-clicking, click "Properties..." > "LOCAL FILES" > "Browse..." to enter your Valheim client-side files.

5. You can now move all of the BepInEx package files directly to your Valheim client-side files right within the Valheim folder.

6. Lastly, you now need to upload the mods you had uploaded to your server to the plugins folder on your client-side which will be located in the folders you just unpacked: /Valheim/BepInEx/Plugins/ 

7. Once those mods are added, start your Valheim game and you should now be able to join your Valheim server!

Experiencing issues modding your Valheim server? Contact MCProHosting's support team for help!

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