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Through plugins, it is possible to create your own fully custom GUI system with clickable menus, options, shops, and more.

ChestCommands - a GUI creation plugin

To accomplish creating your own GUIs, begin by installing ChestCommands and its dependencies to your server. You can follow this guide to install ChestCommands.

This plugin offers:
◦ Support for multiple menus/GUIs.
◦ The ability to open menus through items, signs, or custom commands.
◦ Dynamic and static placeholder tags.
◦ Economy support (for buying/selling items, commands, permissions, and more).



Creating Menus - Learn how to create menus.

Icon Attributes - Learn how to set a specific material type for an icon.
Click Actions - Discover the different click actions for icons in the GUIs.
Placeholders - See the many placeholders that the GUI menus support.

Colors & Formatting - See the colors/formatting that can be used.
Menu Signs - Learn how to set a menu to a specific in-game sign.
Shops - Discover how to set up buy/sell shops in a GUI.
Custom Placeholders - Learn how to add your own custom placeholders.

Commands - List of commands for ChestCommands.
Permissions - List of permissions for ChestCommands.
Configuration - Shows the default config.yml file for ChestCommands.
Language - See how to translate/modify ChestCommands messages.

Experiencing issues setting up ChestCommands? You can contact our ticket support team here for help!

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