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Your OneControlCenter panel offers a simple way to edit files without needing to sift through your FTP files. This is found in the “Configuration” section on the sidebar.


Editing files on the Configuration Tab

1. Log in to your OneControlCenter Panel

2. On the sidebar, click “Configuration

3. Wait a few seconds for the files to populate. If there are a lot of files, this may take a bit.

Once everything is loaded, you will see all editable files in the table.

4. Click “Edit File” next to the file you wish to edit.

Editing Normal Files

Most files you edit will open a basic editor with the file name on the top and tools at the bottom to save or cancel changes.

Perform your changes, then “Save” to save them to your server. You may need to restart or reload the plugin in some cases.

Editing Special Files

Some files are special and open up a more graphical and detailed editor to go into more detail about what you are changing. These are notated usually with a description next to the name.

For example, opening gives us this:

At the bottom, you will have the same tools as before, but with an extra option to switch to the classic editor shown above.

Be sure to restart when performing changes to major files!

Experiencing issues with configuring your files? Submit a ticket to our team, and we can assist you!

Do you want to learn more about other pages of the panel? Check out our Panel Navigation overview guide!

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Is there a file you want to have the fancy editor for? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out our suggestion form here.

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