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Time Machine is available for all server owners. Time Machine backs up your server every hour, giving you and your community peace of mind as well as providing numerous other benefits! To purchase this addon, you can purchase that with your server at checkout or by visiting the Backups page on your server's control panel!

To Use Time Machine:

  1. Go on your server's control panel.
  2. On the control panel, on the left side click Time Machine.
  3. You will see three sections, "Auto Backups", "Manual Backups", and "Create a Backup".
    1. "Auto Backups" will display 72 hours worth of hourly backups that can be downloaded and restored to your server.
    2. "Manual Backups" will display any manually taken backups.
    3. "Create a Backup" allows you to create a manual backup, which is then displayed in the "Manual Backups" section.
  4. To download or restore an automatic backup, click the Download or Restore option for that particular backup.

That backup you selected will now either download or restore and you'll now have access to that backup.

Need help purchasing or using Time Machine? You can contact our support team for help!

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