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Oxide plugins are very similar to the concept of Minecraft plugins, taking existing features of the game and modifying them to fit your server needs. Installing Oxide plugins requires that you have the server type Oxide installed on your server. You can use this guide to install Oxide to your Rust server.

To install Oxide plugins to your server:

1. Locate and download the Oxide plugins you wish to install to your server from the uMod website. Plugins will download as .cs files.

2. Move all Oxide plugin files to an empty folder on your computer.

3. Next, go on your Rust server's control panel.

4. On your server's control panel, on the left-side click "FTP File Access" to open your server's FTP.

5. In your server's FTP, go to the location: /rust/oxide/plugins

6. At this location, click the "Upload File" button at the top of your FTP.

7. Open the folder where you moved all of your Oxide plugin .cs files to.
Drag and drop all of those Oxide plugin .cs files into the upload area of your FTP.

Allow those files to fully upload.

8. Once those files are uploaded, on the left-side of your FTP click "Back to Control Panel" to exit your FTP.

9. Restart your server. Your Oxide plugins will now load onto the server.


Your Oxide plugins will generate configuration files which you can edit.

You can access those files in your FTP(FTP File Access) at this location: /rust/oxide/config


You have now successfully installed Oxide plugins to your Rust server!

Experiencing issues installing Rust Oxide plugins? You can submit a ticket or contact our Live Chat team for help!

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