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Rust+ is the official Rust companion app allowing you to stay connected to the game. This includes seeing players online, total online time, the current map, the latest server wipes, and more!

To Setup the Rust+ Companion App with your Server:

1. Go on your server's control panel and locate the left side panel Server Navigation.

2. Hover over Advanced v option and click Firewall and Port Mapping.

3. In the Firewall and Port Mapping section, click the Rust+ Companion > button. 

4. Ensure the Rust+ Companion App is installed on your mobile device, load the app, and link your Steam account within the app

5. Once you have finished linking your Steam account within the app, load Rust on your computer through Steam.

6. Once on Rust, load into your server. Then hit the Escape button and select the Rust+ option.

7. Click the Pair With Server button to pair your server to the Rust+ Companion App. 

8. Go back to your mobile device within the app and you will get an alert to pair the server. This will provide a screen requesting the server's title, description, and website URL. Afterward, click the Pair Server button to complete the pairing.

Your server is now paired with the Rust+ Companion App on your mobile device!

Experiencing issues setting up Rust+? You can submit a ticket or contact our Live Chat team for help!

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